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I am more than just another Internet Marketer trying to make a buck! My journey to this point in my life began after I graduated from Cal State Long Beach with Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. It was the summer of the Gulf War and I could not land a good job for the next 2 years! I worked odd jobs since the Internet wasn't around back then! I finally landed a prestigious Underwriter position in Insurance and stayed there for almost 10 years! During that time, I transferred to different locations and earned a General Certificate of Insurance during my 9th month of pregnancy with my first child! It was this first year of my son's life that made me realize I did not want to continue working this life of 10-hour days, 1 hour commute each way, underpaid and putting up with the ever present office politics! Oh, I had lots of friends and was well-liked and respected by my colleagues. I had a 401K, sick days, and 3 week vacations! I could take 2 hour lunches if I wanted to! Heck, some of my friends are STILL there and it's been 8 years since I resigned!

However, I am getting ahead of my story...since I missed a few "firsts", I decided when my husband got a promotion, I would resign! Let me tell you I had to wait until the birth of my second son almost 1 1/2 years later! It was then that I became an official Stay At Home Mom! This is not for everyone as it can really be isolating! Of course that was not my experience...I had neighbors who I could trust and helped me! My own parents and brother lived 10 minutes away and helped me! Heck, my husband and I still managed to go out every 2 weeks alone! It was the birth of my daughter 2 years later that sealed that luxury! Nevertheless, I managed pretty well raising 3 children 2 years apart, with a husband who traveled for business every week! We always agreed that when the last one started Kindergarten I would go back to work. The problem was, I discovered Internet Marketing last year when she was 4 years old, and became hooked! I wish I started so much sooner!

If you can work from home and devote a few hours a day and earn some money, it is the best of both worlds! I do not ever want to go back to a traditional job! In fact, I believe, like so many other IMs, that you can make more money online working less hours than a regular job/career! My daughter is now 5 years old and so far hubby is satisfied! I live in beautiful SoCal near the beach and take advantage of the proximity to the beach as I love to ride bikes, roller-skate, and just be on the beach! I love to travel by car and have visited most of the Western States. My husband, Trent, is from Florida and introduced me 14 years ago to Florida and the Carribean and I fell in love with all those islands! In the summer and winter, we have been taking our kids to Lake Tahoe for camping and skiing! I'd like to take them to all the places I visited as a kid...to our great National Parks and to the historical sites of the Civil War! In between my travels, I enjoy the company of friends and family at BBQ's and birthday parties! Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a huge Survivor TV show fan!

Overall, my priorities are to stay in good health, to take good care of my family, and to make my special mark on the Internet World! I am constantly learning new Strategies and finding time to implement them! I sincerely hope you find some value if you browse around long enough! This blog is still a work in progress and I appreciate any feedback! Thank you for visiting! 

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