I am a huge fan of Attraction Marketing. It took me awhile to implement this because I was struggling online and trying to sell my product or service. Until I joined a great FaceBook Group of Attraction Marketers, I was doing what 97% of people do and consequently fail and give up.

What Is Attraction Marketing?

It's what separates the SUCCESSFUL from the STRUGGLING. If you do not understand this, or understand this but do not apply it, you will continue to be one of the STRUGGLING. In a nutshell, here's what attraction marketing is... attracting people to YOU instead of chasing after them.

What we usually see in traditional selling is where the seller advertises and cold calls people to find leads, then qualify those leads that the seller finds to see whether they have an urgent need to buy or have the financial means to buy whatever the seller is selling. Once the seller finds the 'qualified' leads, he/she does some kind of presentation to the 'qualified' leads to show how good whatever the seller is selling is. Some are convinced and buy, some are not and throws objections at the seller, which the seller works to overcome.In this scenario, who's chasing who? You got it. It's the seller chasing after people.

Here's the thing about selling. People don't like being sold. They don't like it when people call them on the phone to pitch them on a product or service. They don't like it when advertisements bombard them to make the purchase. They don't like being prospected and don't like their objections being handled. Why? Because being sold does not feel like it's their decision. Even if they are making the final decision, it doesn't feel that way when something is sold to them. There's that gut feeling that doesn't sit well, and they resist... even if all the objections they have are answered to their logical satisfaction.

On the flip side, people do LOVE to buy. Shopping is one of the most popular pass times for people (at least in affluent countries). People drive all the way to the outlets to find great bargains. They go to shopping malls weekends after weekends to satisfy their shopping cravings. Online shopping? A pure pleasure of an experience for many.Why?Because they are the ones chasing after the products/services. It's their decision. People like to buy! Even those people who hate to be sold, don't mind buying.

Actually, they LIKE to buy if the SHOPPING experience is fun and pleasurable. Visit your local Apple store and take a closer look. It is a perfect example of creating a fun and pleasurable shopping experience. To begin with, Apple stores are meticulously clean and very well lighted. You hear great music with friendly and knowledgeable staffs ready to answer any of your questions...Is there anyone bugging you to buy an iMac or a MacBook you're looking at? No. Someone trying to overcome your objections if you are simply not ready to buy? No way! Apple staffs just work hard on serving you and educating you - not on selling you. Why? Because they know that if you don't buy today BUT you have a pleasurable experience, you will feel so attracted to them that you will come back. And they are right.

Want to see some online example? Take a closer look at the most famous: amazon.com -- it's a pure shopping pleasure! Their special programming remembers your preferences, so you get an intelligent, personalized advise each time you enter the site. They will tell you what people said about books they sell - whether it's positive or negative. Because they are there to HELP you.And when you are ready to buy, they don't offer you a long form to fill out but a process reduced to just one click! This is attraction marketing at its best!

Now, how does this relate to you and your network marketing business? Well, the same concept applies to your network marketing business (as a matter of fact, this applies to ANY kind of business...). When you are chasing after your friends and family or cold calling people (perhaps purchased leads), you are SELLING to them. People don't like being sold. That's why, unless you get really good at selling, you will encounter a lot of resistance. And besides, if you're not a born salesperson, you don't like selling either! If you apply attraction marketing, your prospects will be coming to you. The prospects will be the ones who initiate contact via phone, email, etc. In essence, you are the HUNTED instead of the HUNTER. How do you do that? Think like a leader - not a salesperson.

As a small business owner and a network marketer, you cannot create the same kind of shopping environment as Apple or amazon.com -- they have more cash than you. But you can attract customers by making their shopping experience pleasurable in other ways.Keep in mind that they start to shop before they are ready to buy. So, begin with identifying what their frustrations are associated with shopping for your kind of product or service. Share with them your knowledge of the industry. Advise them how to select the best service and educate them how to use and take care of the product to maximize benefits. Take them by the hand and lead them through the frustrating process of making an intelligent buying decision.Your goal should be to solve your customers' problems, and the key word here is "solve" - not "sell".

Envision becoming irresistibly attractive! Becoming irresistibly attractive is easy, once you take the dollar sign off your forehead and start concentrating on the people you serve.It is not about being handsome, although it helps to have a good hair cut and tastefully selected clothes. On the Internet, an attractively designed web site and carefully formatted e-mails go a long way ...But it is not enough... Not nearly enough.

It is your attitude towards others that makes you attractive. It is your cheerful and upbeat personality -- BEING the type of person someone would want to do business with. It is not only about being very good at what you do, but also about being a giver -- rather than a taker. Bottomline is this: Become a person of value. You have to increase your value to others in the marketplace. The more valuable you become to others, the more others will seek you out.

In order to become this 'person of value', you must increase your value to others through education and experience.Your prospects are looking for solutions... solutions to their health problems, legal problems, financial problems, etc. What you have to do is to offer real value to your prospects. Solutions to their most pressing problems. By doing so, you instantly become the expert in your prospects eyes, and consequently attracting prospects to you rather than you having to chase after them. 

Attraction marketing is the most natural and pleasurable way to grow a business. Yes, it takes work. And knowledge. You also need to implement solid business systems to support your efforts. But it is well worth the trouble. You will be amazed at the number of highly targeted, qualified prospects you will ATTRACT to do business with you -- and only with you. It is difficult to resist someone who offers tremendous value. Even people who will never buy from you themselves will send you referrals!

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