In FaceBook, you can look at it as Consistent Visibility and Relationship Management among personal friends and business friends. FaceBook has these Stats and Facts to back it up: *current limit o friends is 5,000 *200+million active members * 500 million by 2011 *5th most trafficked website *Largest photo-sharing platform *70% of FB users are outside the U.S. *Fastest growing age bracket is 30 years+ *FB users have more degrees, more mature and more money. So it is a great strategy to connect with people and monetize your business! Here are some tips to help you with FaceBook:

FB Tip #1: Under Profile Picture include a mini-bio and include your Twitter link.

FB Tip #2: Information drop-down box will show links--include website links (but not too many) and Fan Page link.

FB Tip #3: Friends Box can be edited to show 12 favorite friends and later you can edit again to show as "Social Proof".

FB Tip #4: Create an opt-in box. Try Profile HTML. You can also search applications for FBML. You will be able to use your own title with FBML. *This tip is good if you have something to sell. People can fill in their contact information.

FB Tip #5: Create a Fan Page. Choose the Title wisely, preferably a good keyword, as the Title gets googled! Also, you can have unlimited Fans and will not violate the Terms Of Service like your Profile Page.

FB #6: You can use the Ignore All for Friend Requests and they will not know. It is one of the few actions that does not show on your Wall. It is okay to "unfriend" someone or not participate in some request or cause!

**This Section is for business people. The BIG PICTURE is to dramatically increase your sales. Here is Your Social Media Strategy:

1) Grow a network of hand-picked FB friends up to 5,000. List the top 25-50 people you admire in your industry and beyond. Send them a friend request on FB and ALWAYS include a personal message. Search and Follow on Twitter as well.

**note: FaceBook has a rigorous enforcement of Terms of Service. Too many friend requests or pending requests will result in you losing your FaceBook account and forcing you to start all over! Be careful.

2) Build one or more FB Fan Pages. The #1 reason is SEO on Google! It is recommended you put your name plus keywords. You can also become a Fan of Other People's Pages. Here is a link: It will give you an Index under Places, Products, Restaurants, etc. This will create more indexing on Public Searches.

3) Showcase your best work on both your Profile and Fan Pages. No need to give away the farm!

4) Engage in deliberately chosen regular activities for a few minutes everyday. Do this: *Update Status, *Review News Feed and Comments, *Review Requests, *Acknowledge Birthday Requests, *Review Notifications, *Review Your Profile, and *Check your Inbox.

5) Be active in Twitter with friendly, keyword-laden tweets.

6) Create "Radical Strategic Visibility". This means you are seen everywhere!

7) Think relationships first, business second..but still ask for the sale!

More on Strategy #1:

You should average 20 per day OUTGOING, Join Groups, Add Friends of Friends, Twitter them as well, Add Blog owners (blogs that you really like and/or follow), Put your Profile Link in your Email Signature and Business Cards. These additional steps will help you create Strategy #6, Radical Strategic Visibility.

Additional Comments about FaceBook:

It is recommended you use both Fan Pages and Groups for special interests. Each has merit and is part of your Social Media Strategy outlined above. If you want to get more Fans, run contests and drawings. Ask viral questions in discussion boards like What Do You Tweet About? Upload video and pictures to make it more appealing.

These FaceBook tips were presented by Mari Smith, the Piped Piper of FaceBook.

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