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If your advertising budget is pinching your pocketbook with the economy the way it is today but you know you must get quality leads to keep your business going...STOP! There is a much better way (and cheaper too!) The drum roll please.....introducing Orange Leads! This website is chock full of pre-screened leads who WANT to be contacted via email or phone! And the best part is they are FREE! Now, just because they are free doesn't necessarily mean that they are not quality! You need to test them out yourself but overall, these leads are so easy to's ridiculous! Also, you can select your leads by CITY, STATE and ZIP CODE! Now how cool is that? You can talk to people in your own hometown!

Go here: www.orangeleads/id?=2216 (yes, this is my shameless promo).

Okay, the website layout is a bit confusing so let me just say to look for the button that says 7 leads for email and the button that says 1 lead for phone. Combined, you can receive 30 leads a day. That's EVERYDAY! You can also place 1 ad a day to the entire community (20,000 and growing) on the Home Page! And that is as a free member!

As a paid member ($97), you will make high commissions if your downline pays to become a paid member too! You get more benefits as well such as your own private meeting room in the virtual convention center and much more!

Whether you join under me or not, try out these leads for yourself and see how they stack up against the leads you are currently chasing and buying!

Oh, the Tweet Box on top is a cool little feature! If you want to tweet this Orange Leads website to your Twitter account, then enter your Twitter username and password. That's it!

Thanks for reading this!