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 A vacation home by the beach alone doesn't cut it anymore. These days, millionaires and billionaires want estates in England, condos in New York, pied a terres in Paris and chalets in Gstaad--plus the beach house and more. Thanks to the relatively new phenomenon of private membership clubs, they are getting them--along with staff to run them, and yachts and private jets to take them there.

While not all private membership clubs, also known as resort or destination clubs, offer their members an ownership stake in the clubs' properties, these clubs represent the top tier of luxury vacationing, with members paying a one-time initiation fee of up to $4 million, annual dues of up to $67,500 and sometimes even daily fees of as much as $650, for the use of multi-million dollar castles, condominiums and hotel suites in some of the world's most beautiful, and exclusive, corners according to Forbes Magazine.

These clubs want baby boomers and young adults making $400,000 per year and up! The age range is between 35 and 60 with the average age of 50 again according to Forbes Magazine. See the most expensive membership clubs. Well, we can live vicariously through them!

Now, for those of you who do not make $400,000 per year, there is a moderately priced travel membership with Global Resorts Network! This company is 22 years old and recently lowered the one-time membership fee from $10,000 to $3,000! A bargain basement sale compared to the expensive membership clubs' entrance fees (see slideshow)! What you get in return is a lifetime of savings on 4 & 5 star resorts around the world and in the United States! You do not own property like some expensive travel clubs or timeshares, but you can expect to never pay annual dues or maintenance fees! All you have to do once you're a member is to select your vacation destination anytime you want! There is even a newsletter highlighting beautiful resorts with the best rates! What is really unique with Global Resorts Network is their Hot Weeks! During certain times of the year, selected resorts are available for $298 per week! $300 per week at a 4 or 5 star resort is unheard of! And you are not getting the studio leftovers, but 1 bedroom units that can sleep up to 4 people! A steal!

To see what kind of properties Global Resorts Network has to offer is easy. Simply go to www.globalresortsregistry.co
. Type in "vacation" as the username and "lookfor" as the password. You will see a sample list of GRN's 5,000 properties! Imagine having access to hotels and resorts for under $799 per week!

Membership clubs are definitely catching on! Whether you are wealthy and want a prestigious getaway or a family working hard to afford vacations every year, everybody wants to save on their travel dollars and have a slice of their own paradise! Having your own travel membership makes financial sense when you consider the amount of money you pay per night when you use one of the travel search engines (Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, Hotels.com) to book your hotel or resort. Even calling the hotel or resort directly is not going to be any cheaper! Why? Because the travel search engines and the hotels are limited to availability of rooms left and peak season. The rates will fluctuate due to demand. Not so with Global Resorts Network. The company owns thousands of resorts and timeshare properties and can offer their members low rates year after year without regard to such limitations. A great example is the popular Sheraton Vistana Resort in Orlando, Florida. The rate for a 1 bedroom unit for 1 week is $655 through GRN. The same unit through Expedia for 1 week is $1,313! The extra $650 can be used for food/drinks and souvenirs! By booking through Expedia, your vacation is costing you an extra $650 that you could spend elsewhere or save! Now wouldn't that be nice?

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Let's face it. Travel is big business. Huge business. Consider that international visitors to the United States spent more than $122.7 billion on travel and tourism-related activities in 2007 - that's just people coming to United States alone! (Source: Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (OTTI) March 11, 2008)


I've also seen estimates attributed to the Travel Industry Association that the travel and tourism industry itself generates more than $1+ trillion in economic activity.


These are significant figures. And a lot of people want a piece of that pie. Who can blame them? Traveling is fun, and it's a fun industry to work in if you enjoy traveling yourself.


If you have ever vacationed at a timeshare resort - whether or not you actually own a timeshare, it quickly - very quickly - becomes evident that the resort wants you to purchase a timeshare at that location. After all - the resort is beautiful, and since you're having a wonderful vacation, why not purchase a week you can enjoy every year for years and years to come?


Whoa! Before you whip out your credit card or sign any financing papers in the magic of the moment, take a deep breath.... No... make that five or six deep breaths. Ask yourself these questions:


1) Do you really want to be locked into a contract where - after you pay thousands of dollars for the initial purchase - you'll be paying annual maintenance fees (which never seem to go down)? (According to Timeshares.com the industry average is $16,000 for a purchase. And, WorldMarkTheClub.com, says that the 2006 industry average for maintenance fees was $512 for a one-bedroom, and $614 for a two-bedroom unit.)


2) In the event you'd like to exchange your week for a week at a completely different resort, do you want to pay annual membership dues to an exchange company and then pay for the exchange itself (cough up another couple hundred dollars a year).


3) Also, if you want to exchange your week for a week at another resort - even if you're willing to pay all those fees - are you prepared to be disappointed if you are told that the location you want to visit is not available (such as Hawaii, the Islands, etc... You might have to try Branson, MO - there are usually weeks available there ...)?


4) Are you absolutely sure that you only want to come back to this particular resort year after year?


Ok, if you answered yes to those questions, then by all means, buy a timeshare.


If, however, you are thinking twice, and taking another eight to ten deep breaths - you might be asking yourself, "Well, if not timeshare, how else can I vacation at these gorgeous resorts? Is there another way?"


The answer is "yes." Take Global Resorts Network (GRN) as an example. Here, GRN has the exclusive worldwide rights to market a private luxury travel membership that has twenty-two years experience in outstanding customer satisfaction.


Since these memberships are now marketed via the internet, this trend is catching on very quickly. And why not?


No one has to sit through a sales presentation, and the process is extremely simple.


A prospective buyer simply visits a GRN Affiliate's website where he or she explores the membership at his or her leisure without someone pushing them to make a buying decision on the spot.


The buyer notices that a lifetime (Platinum) membership is only $2,995.00 and that there are no blackout dates for travel.


Then, the buyer emails or calls (or requests a call from) the affiliate, and asks some questions:

"Is there an annual maintenance fee to use this membership?" (The answer is, "No.")


"How much do I REALLY have to pay for a week at one of these resorts?" (The answer is, "Anywhere from $298 - $699 with a few resorts going for $799.")


"Yeah, sounds great, but what are the odds that I'll really get to use a resort in Hawaii or the Florida coast?" (The answer is, "Once you put in your request for a location and range of dates, customer service will be bending over backwards to find you your location - that's what they do. And because of the club's tremendous buying power, the odds are very, very good that they will find you a beautiful resort.")

So, let's recap the differences here:


Timeshare ownership can cost an average of $16,000.  Luxury travel membership has one low cost to join - $2,995 for a lifetime membership


Timeshare ownership dues/fees range from $300 - $1,000. Luxury travel membership does not have annual dues or maintenance fees. You never pay for a vacation unless you actually take one.


Timeshare ownership default on yearly dues could jeopardize ownership.  Luxury travel membership means you join once, you're a member for life, with no extra fees.


Timeshare ownership exchanges are difficult and costly.  Luxury travel membership means no more exchanging, and members choose from more than 5,000 luxury resort properties worldwide.


Timeshare ownership has maximum depreciation on the investment worth approximately 10 cents on the dollar.  Luxury travel membership has retained its full value for the last 21 years (there is a $75 transfer fee).


Timeshare ownership means that the owners may pay additional fees for property remodeling and renovations. Luxury travel membership means that the members do not share in remodeling or renovation costs.


Ultimately up to you to do your due diligence and determine what really will work best for you. Of course there are times when a timeshare purchase might be the best way to go - as an example, perhaps if that resort is near family and the owner will always use that particular resort.


After all is said and done, the best suggestion is that you do the math and carefully consider all your options and preferences before you purchase either a timeshare or luxury travel membership. After all, travel and vacation is supposed to make you feel good - not stressed!


Since we are selling Global Resorts Network’s travel membership, we thought we would share the results of owning such a membership and what real savings applied to our personal vacation and our pocketbook! Perhaps some of you can relate!


Over the Christmas holidays last year, we had decided to see my sister and her family who live in Reno, NV and to go skiing in North Lake Tahoe again. We did this over the previous Christmas holidays but we had the privilege of staying at my husband’s best friend’s townhouse in the Tyrolian Village near Diamond Peak Resort that year! It was the perfect location too. However, the best friend ended up selling the townhouse and moving back home later in the year. So we knew we would have to pay big $ to stay in Incline Village, the nearest town, the week after Christmas! Hotels and motels easily were charging between $100-$300 PER NIGHT as this was PEAK SEASON. You see, the drive from Reno to the ski resort is at least 45 minutes to 1 hour ONE WAY and sure we could of done that everyday, but with 3-5 kids with us, we wanted to stay on the mountain and ski at least 2 days in a row and let the kids go sledding and tubing the rest of the time without the hassle of driving back and forth! Plus, it is just breathtakingly beautiful there and you don’t want to leave once you're there!


So, we had already been heavily researching GRN then for 2 months before realizing that we could use this membership to offset the expenses and I can finally start a home-based business in the New Year! That is exactly what we did! We came in as Platinum members and immediately found the Tahoe Chapparal near Diamond Peak ski resort! It was condo-style with views from the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Very large rooms and a fireplace–perfect for 2 families! GRN’s rate was $699 PER WEEK–this was peak season mind you–and it had availability. Had we stayed in Incline Village, we would of easily paid at least $1,500 or more for the week! So that was 50% off to us! Can’t get any better than that! Plus, we split the cost with the my sister so it all worked out very well and we experienced an awesome ski vacation with our families!


The reservation process was easy and customer service was great! I am looking forward to our next skivacation this winter! Stay tuned for more results!


Note: If you’re not ready to be a member yet, a good way to stay current on Global Resorts Network’s awesome deals is to visit www.GRNTravelNews.com.
There you will find weekly newsletters highlighting amazing deals starting at $298 per week! You will also be able to collect a FREE travel voucher for 2 or FREE gas vouchers by attending a 20 minute no obligation webinar!

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