- Work from the comfort of your own home

- Set your own hours

- Earn a CEO salary part-time

- Travel from as little as $298 a week!

- Tax write offs
- Get paid every Friday
- Work with great people!

    Introducing Global Resorts Network* Referral Program.
"Taking care of our members means more business through referrals!"   Global Resorts Network believes that their product is the best Vacation Club on this Planet that they leave it to their members to sell this private vacation club membership at this exclusive price through Independent Distributorship.  Once you are a Gold or Platinum member the cost to become a Global Resorts Network Distributor is only $100 annually.

Whether part-time or full-time, Global Resorts Network affords you the opportunity to get all that you want out of life and is committed to reminding you that you deserve the best life has to offer.    Click on the Contact Us button to speak with a representive to see if we have openings for distributors in your area.      Members do NOT have to become Distributors in order to enjoy these travel benefits.

   Top 5 Questions                                          1. Is this a Scam?  Sounds "Too good to be true!"

Many people assume that either the prices are "too good to be true" or that Global Resorts Network is a scam. Unfortunately, these people do not dig further to learn that Global Resorts Network is simply the exclusive marketing arm to a Private Vacation Club that has been satisfying their members for over 22 years. Our sister company is known as one of the Industry Leaders in the Travel Industry today.
  Global Resorts Network is not for those people looking to "Get Rich Quick". When people go into business, it's because they expect to make a profit. Global Resorts Network is no exception but it is a business that needs to be treated like a business. You will need to learn your product, market your product, and sell your product just like any other business. Money does not just fall from the sky like those so-called "Get Rich Quick" or "Never Have to Talk to Anyone" models.   2. What happens if Global Resorts Network goes out of business?   Global Resorts Network is simply the exclusive marketing arm for the 22 year old Private Vacation Club. If our sister company chooses to stop marketing the Vacation Club through Global Resorts Network.. the referal marketing just stops, not the membership. Once you purchase a Gold or Platinum membership, you are an exclusive member of the Vacation Club.   3. Will I Make Money with Global Resorts Network?   This is a question that can only be answered by you. Nobody starts a business so that they don't make any money. Like any business, it is going to require training and hard work.

* You will be provided with plenty of resources including a website like this one, training, and support to help you succeed in your business.
  4. Can I do this business part-time?   Yes, there are many successful members who work only a couple of hours a day.   5. Will I make money on the very first sale?   Yes, all Gold and Platinum members will earn money on their very first sale which will qualify them to earn full commissions.      Top 6 Questions - You Should Ask before starting a business    1. What is Your Investment Budget? 
2. What is Your monthly Advertising Budget?
  3. How much money do you need each month in order to sleep comfortably knowing that all of your bills are paid for the next month?
4. Do you require training and support?   5. Will you be able to reach your goals & dreams in your current job or career?   6. Are you willing to fully commit in order to get the job done?  

 Join GRN through this website and Receive:    1. A Website just like this one customized with your information.    2. Unlimited Travel Vouchers to promote your business.   3. Private Training Site including over 40 Training Videos.   4. Banners, Splash pages, and newsletters to help you promote your business.   4. Personal one on one training.   5. Advertising Campaign (Retail Value $500) for all new Platinum Affiliates. Includes Solo Ads, Voice Broadcasting, and Keyword Advertising to get you started. (Dependent on your sponsor)


 For those of you who are still in the rat race working the long hours, putting up with office politics and fighting traffic, listen up! I was there too! That paycheck was my bread and butter, and the security of a 401K, pension plan, paid sick and vacation time not to mention seniority was what kept me going! I was happy with that life and having a cushy job...or so I thought I was!

Enter children. Missing out on your little one's firsts and hearing about it from other caregivers did not sit well with me! I knew there had to be a better way. Unfortunately, it took me 2 more kids and a few more years to finally have the courage to take a leap of faith and work from home!

I did extensive research on Global Resorts Network and instinctively knew it was for me! I included my husband, Trent, who is now my business partner. Together, we have valuable experience for our home-based business as GRN affiliates!

Here is my list of 10 great things about being an Independent GRN affiliate:

1. You get to work at home, in your pajamas if you want to! This was easy as we already had a fast computer, fax, copier/scanner in our home office.

2. You do not have to dress up for work! The cost of dry cleaning is gone for me! Not to mention the expense of buying those corporate outfits!

3. Your commute is virtually non-existent. With the rising prices on gas, this saves us money big time as I drive an SUV! Also, I don't miss the crawl of the freeways!

4. No bosses or peers keeping track of your work or your lunch time! I am my own boss and am totally independent! Sure, you need to be self-disciplined at home but office BS is a drag!

5. Yes it's true, my bi-weekly paycheck is gone. Paid sick and vacation time is a thing of the past. But by being a GRN affiliate, I have an even better compensation plan, Perpetual Leverage! I am making more than my old job! If I am sick or want to take a vacation, I take the time off. I do not have to call in or ask permission or worse, get unpaid! My computer is still working for me!

6. I have a couple of websites! This is so cool if you have never even thought about getting one or didn't know how! Global Resorts Network set me up with domain names and an automated marketing system! In fact, there are more than one marketing system to choose from and all have great training resources and marketing tools!

7. You get to brand yourself! In sales, people are already doing this. However, if you work in a non-sales capacity like I did, this is something new. I now have business cards and brochures with my name and cell number!

8. You also learn about branding yourself through online marketing and social media networking! Say what?! In layman's terms, I am posting ads in Craigslist and writing blogs and articles on social bookmarking sites (i.e. Digg, Delicious, StumpleUpon, etc.)

9. I am an Internet Star (at least in my mind!) I made a video while on vacation using my GRN membership over the Christmas holidays, and posted it on YouTube and 30 other sites! This is something I would never, ever have done on my own just for the heck of it! But I have learned as a GRN affiliate that this is great exposure on the Web for one's business!

10. And lastly, I am a Platinum member of Global Resorts Network. As a GRN affiliate, I have access to 4 & 5 star resorts around the world and in the U.S. for the lifetime weekly rates of $298-$698! My family vacations are a lot less expensive to begin with than if I book through Expedia or Travelocity (this is what I used to do!) We can go to places that I never would have considered! I trust GRN and know this company has been around for 22 years and its reputation is exceptional!

So there you have it. This list may not be everyone's cup of tea..but it's my cup of tea and I am loving every sip!


Of all the travel network programs available on the internet, the Global Resorts Network commissions are among the highest in the industry. Best of all, not only can you be authorized to sell the vacation packages, you only need to buy one for yourself to become an authorized member of the network. You were going to buy a vacation package anyway, so why not let others in on the plan and make some money at the same time. If they choose not to become a seller for the company, you still earn the $1,000 commission on the sales of the package. It is truly a winning situation.

Better yet, if they do decide to sell the packages you still earn a commission on everything they sell. This is an added bonus. The commissions are yours no matter how many you sell. One of the main advantages of the Global Resorts Network plan is that there are no monthly or yearly maintenance fees to keep your account in good standing. With many vacation packages, even the ones that sell for up to $12,000 they still charge an annual fee just to keep you in their system.

Global Resorts Network does not charge beyond the initial membership fee. While they are not directly selling hotel rooms, they are making vastly discounted rates available to their customers. Think of GRN as a members only warehouse club where members get specials not available to the general public. Only members can realize the discount savings at many 4 & 5 star resorts around the world.

Global Resorts Network is not in the business of offering timeshares exclusively. Their discounts are also available at some of the finest hotel resorts around the world. Unlike others who limit the accommodations to only the country in which they do business, a membership with Global Resorts Network enables people to visit many exotic locations they may have only dreamed about.

Additionally, with some travel clubs the low prices most often quoted are for one person. A second person or more may be charged the same rate or they get a discount, but each member of the party will pay for their stay. The Global Resorts Network prices they talk about, $299 to $799 a week for luxury accommodations, are for up to a family of four and not for each person.

Unlike timeshares, Global Resorts Network connects its members with highly rated resort accommodations with no blackout dates or exchange hassles. What this means is that as long as rooms are available during the requested week, GRN's members can reserve them. There may be times when a particular resort is full, but with many resorts having several hundreds of rooms, the odds of getting a reservation when they want it is in the members’ favor.

Before joining any marketing plan, it is always best to get all of the information you need to make an informed choice. It is the same for luxury travel memberships as the family’s future vacation happiness depends on it!


We Are Hiring!!
Independent Distributors worldwide

| Entrepreneurs | Business Owners | College Students | Baby Boomers | Doctors | Lawyers | CEO's | 


Global Resorts Network, is in partnership with a 21 year Industry Leader, one of the most prestigious vacation clubs in the world. For over two decades our partner has set the benchmark for superior customer service and quality accommodations at very attractive prices. Our partner is a leader in the travel industry, with influential buying power to ensure happy  members. 
Global Resorts Network leadership and staff are among the most experienced in the travel industry. Members benefit from and have access to this unparalleled depth of travel industry knowledge and expertise.

Current Openings

We are looking for English speaking Independent Distributors worldwide. Translators will be coming soon. 

Our team members include people like you - enthusiastic, motivated, passionate and energetic.

Our values drive how we work at Global Resorts Network and why we achieve so much in the marketplace. 

Our commitment to superior service, integrity, and attractive prices, are the cornerstones on which we have built our growth and success. From a few offices in Canada and Mexico, we've grown to a worldwide membership, enjoying access to quality accommodations around the globe.   

Position Overview:

The Independent Distributor will sell or recruit other Independent Distributors to sell the GRN Private Vacation Club for Global Resorts Network.  


- Advertise your Independent Website                       

- Follow Up with potential customers
- Attend formal coaching sessions weekly
- Interview and hire other Independent Distributors
- Address client escalations   


- Work from the comfort of your own own

- Set your own hours

- Earn a CEO salary part-time

- Travel from as little as $298 a week!

- Tax write offs

Required Experience:
- No experience necessary
- General Timeshare knowledge is an asset

Required Skills & Abilities:
- Proficient with Microsoft Office 
- Proficient with the Internet

- Strong written and oral communication skills
- Leadership and mentoring in a team environment
- Ability to manage multiple priorities at a time
- Ability to travel