For those of you who are still in the rat race working the long hours, putting up with office politics and fighting traffic, listen up! I was there too! That paycheck was my bread and butter, and the security of a 401K, pension plan, paid sick and vacation time not to mention seniority was what kept me going! I was happy with that life and having a cushy job...or so I thought I was!

Enter children. Missing out on your little one's firsts and hearing about it from other caregivers did not sit well with me! I knew there had to be a better way. Unfortunately, it took me 2 more kids and a few more years to finally have the courage to take a leap of faith and work from home!

I did extensive research on Global Resorts Network and instinctively knew it was for me! I included my husband, Trent, who is now my business partner. Together, we have valuable experience for our home-based business as GRN affiliates!

Here is my list of 10 great things about being an Independent GRN affiliate:

1. You get to work at home, in your pajamas if you want to! This was easy as we already had a fast computer, fax, copier/scanner in our home office.

2. You do not have to dress up for work! The cost of dry cleaning is gone for me! Not to mention the expense of buying those corporate outfits!

3. Your commute is virtually non-existent. With the rising prices on gas, this saves us money big time as I drive an SUV! Also, I don't miss the crawl of the freeways!

4. No bosses or peers keeping track of your work or your lunch time! I am my own boss and am totally independent! Sure, you need to be self-disciplined at home but office BS is a drag!

5. Yes it's true, my bi-weekly paycheck is gone. Paid sick and vacation time is a thing of the past. But by being a GRN affiliate, I have an even better compensation plan, Perpetual Leverage! I am making more than my old job! If I am sick or want to take a vacation, I take the time off. I do not have to call in or ask permission or worse, get unpaid! My computer is still working for me!

6. I have a couple of websites! This is so cool if you have never even thought about getting one or didn't know how! Global Resorts Network set me up with domain names and an automated marketing system! In fact, there are more than one marketing system to choose from and all have great training resources and marketing tools!

7. You get to brand yourself! In sales, people are already doing this. However, if you work in a non-sales capacity like I did, this is something new. I now have business cards and brochures with my name and cell number!

8. You also learn about branding yourself through online marketing and social media networking! Say what?! In layman's terms, I am posting ads in Craigslist and writing blogs and articles on social bookmarking sites (i.e. Digg, Delicious, StumpleUpon, etc.)

9. I am an Internet Star (at least in my mind!) I made a video while on vacation using my GRN membership over the Christmas holidays, and posted it on YouTube and 30 other sites! This is something I would never, ever have done on my own just for the heck of it! But I have learned as a GRN affiliate that this is great exposure on the Web for one's business!

10. And lastly, I am a Platinum member of Global Resorts Network. As a GRN affiliate, I have access to 4 & 5 star resorts around the world and in the U.S. for the lifetime weekly rates of $298-$698! My family vacations are a lot less expensive to begin with than if I book through Expedia or Travelocity (this is what I used to do!) We can go to places that I never would have considered! I trust GRN and know this company has been around for 22 years and its reputation is exceptional!

So there you have it. This list may not be everyone's cup of tea..but it's my cup of tea and I am loving every sip!

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