Here is useful Twitter Information that will help you in your Twitter activities:

Twitter Tip/Tool #1: This is way more interactive than the original website. Here, you can interact immediately with your fellow Twitterers, build trust, give value (things that will benefit THEM not you). and in turn these relationships may turn into converts into your business.

Twitter Tip/Tool#2: . This will "trim" or hide your affiliate link on your tweets. You will be able to see where your visitors are coming from. However, try not to pitch your biz ops in your Twitter messages. Be subtle and natural. After all, there is a thing called Twitter etiquette!

Twitter Tip/Tool #3: . This handy site will automatically reply to your first time Twitter followers so you don't have to keep going into your Twitter account (unless you want to!) A short message like "Thank you for following me" or "Here is a free gift of". You can also schedule your tweets to go out to your current followers for any given day. A short message like "I am working on my blog today" or "Attending a webinar on.." are common.

Twitter Tip/Tool #4: .This site allows you to automatically follow people based on specific keywords. If you want to follow people that you feel will give you some value, the keywords allow you to laser target people. Examples include "mlm", "network marketing", or specific names like "Anthony Robbins" or "Dani Johnson". Be sure to put the keywords in quotes. I recommend you do this slowly, say up to 50 at a time, because Twitter will shut you down for excessive keywords.

Twitter Tip/Tool #5: . This site blasts your tweets to Twitter, your status to FaceBook and what are you doing to MySpace! Simply type in your message.

Twitter Tip/Tool#6: Here is where you can get 100 free Twitter Tips and more Tools and Applications. I recommend using Firefox for this toolbar.

Twitter Tip/Tool#7: If you want to post info on yourself, just create a separate Twitter account and post video, blog and MySpace/FaceBook links using . You can also use this account to follow just the people you want to follow without anybody knowing. Just don't advertise your new Twitter username if you want to keep it unknown.

Twitter Tip/Tool #8: You can google "Twitter backgrounds" or go to Settings and then click Design to change your Twitter background.

Twitter Tip/Tool #9: You can use a Twitter feed into your blog under Twitter Tools (once you've downloaded the Twitter Toolbar using Firefox)

This Twitter information was presented by Curt Friedan, the Mac Marketer.

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