When so many people show up to get information on an opportunity, you have to take notice. What was all the buzz about? Making a good living by getting into online local advertising! Local Ad Link is the most effective and affordable advertising out there. The commisions are 40% with 30% paid on renewals. There are a number of payments for each sale. Brand Builders get a community cash Visa card that can only be used in LAL partner businesses. Community cash is paid out at 10% over and above your other residuals. Get a few ads sold per month and before long you have a residual income that you can count on to pay down your monthly debt. Get a team motivated and you benefit through their efforts!

Heck, we only have three zip code specific plans. $50 for 3 zips-$100 for 10 zips-$200 for 50 zips. The technology is proprietary. We have 200 partner sites and search engines. For every $10 in sales we get 1 stock option. This too is residual.
Click here to find out how to start your own business and click hereto find out how to advertise with Local Ad Link. If you are looking to increase you local online presence, give me, Janice Wells, a call at 714-403-9565 and I will walk you through it. You self manage your campaign. You can download photos, videos and coupons whenever you want. Link your own site to our Local Ad Link site and rise up on the search engines. Its pretty cool, really!

There's so much more to it so just give me a call and we'll have your Ad up in less than a half hour. No contract or setup fees! Your coupon campaign will pay for your whole ad bill!

Target advertising in 50 zip codes for $200 bucks? Yup!

Here is a video on the R.O.I. a small, local business owner would get by advertising with Local Ad Link!