- Work from the comfort of your own home

- Set your own hours

- Earn a CEO salary part-time

- Travel from as little as $298 a week!

- Tax write offs
- Get paid every Friday
- Work with great people!

    Introducing Global Resorts Network* Referral Program.
"Taking care of our members means more business through referrals!"   Global Resorts Network believes that their product is the best Vacation Club on this Planet that they leave it to their members to sell this private vacation club membership at this exclusive price through Independent Distributorship.  Once you are a Gold or Platinum member the cost to become a Global Resorts Network Distributor is only $100 annually.

Whether part-time or full-time, Global Resorts Network affords you the opportunity to get all that you want out of life and is committed to reminding you that you deserve the best life has to offer.    Click on the Contact Us button to speak with a representive to see if we have openings for distributors in your area.      Members do NOT have to become Distributors in order to enjoy these travel benefits.

   Top 5 Questions                                          1. Is this a Scam?  Sounds "Too good to be true!"

Many people assume that either the prices are "too good to be true" or that Global Resorts Network is a scam. Unfortunately, these people do not dig further to learn that Global Resorts Network is simply the exclusive marketing arm to a Private Vacation Club that has been satisfying their members for over 22 years. Our sister company is known as one of the Industry Leaders in the Travel Industry today.
  Global Resorts Network is not for those people looking to "Get Rich Quick". When people go into business, it's because they expect to make a profit. Global Resorts Network is no exception but it is a business that needs to be treated like a business. You will need to learn your product, market your product, and sell your product just like any other business. Money does not just fall from the sky like those so-called "Get Rich Quick" or "Never Have to Talk to Anyone" models.   2. What happens if Global Resorts Network goes out of business?   Global Resorts Network is simply the exclusive marketing arm for the 22 year old Private Vacation Club. If our sister company chooses to stop marketing the Vacation Club through Global Resorts Network.. the referal marketing just stops, not the membership. Once you purchase a Gold or Platinum membership, you are an exclusive member of the Vacation Club.   3. Will I Make Money with Global Resorts Network?   This is a question that can only be answered by you. Nobody starts a business so that they don't make any money. Like any business, it is going to require training and hard work.

* You will be provided with plenty of resources including a website like this one, training, and support to help you succeed in your business.
  4. Can I do this business part-time?   Yes, there are many successful members who work only a couple of hours a day.   5. Will I make money on the very first sale?   Yes, all Gold and Platinum members will earn money on their very first sale which will qualify them to earn full commissions.      Top 6 Questions - You Should Ask before starting a business    1. What is Your Investment Budget? 
2. What is Your monthly Advertising Budget?
  3. How much money do you need each month in order to sleep comfortably knowing that all of your bills are paid for the next month?
4. Do you require training and support?   5. Will you be able to reach your goals & dreams in your current job or career?   6. Are you willing to fully commit in order to get the job done?  

 Join GRN through this website and Receive:    1. A Website just like this one customized with your information.    2. Unlimited Travel Vouchers to promote your business.   3. Private Training Site including over 40 Training Videos.   4. Banners, Splash pages, and newsletters to help you promote your business.   4. Personal one on one training.   5. Advertising Campaign (Retail Value $500) for all new Platinum Affiliates. Includes Solo Ads, Voice Broadcasting, and Keyword Advertising to get you started. (Dependent on your sponsor)

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